Rotary Drummer

January 20, 2006


Guests:  Inam (who will soon rejoin the club) and Maggie Smith from People’s Bank




The Board of Directors meeting took place this week and much of our planning for the spring was discussed:


Pat reported on the Katrina Fund that we established with Danbury Rotary Club.  The money is yet to be allocated, but Danbury has started to communicate with a school that may benefit from the aid.


Pat said he is part of the Emergency Response Team for Wilton and he urged others to join.  This week the community team was called out twice to help keep traffic moving in areas where downed trees and power lines were an issue.


Our storage closet at Silvermine Tavern has been cleaned out – perhaps too thoroughly as some banners are missing. Most of the inventory belongs to the Norwalk Rotary Club.


Speaker:  Daphne, the new Director at Weir Farm Art Center (formerly Weir Farm Trust)


Daphne showed us a slide show of images from the various programs in which Weir Farm has engaged over the past 15 years since it became a resource open to the public.  She pointed out that two entities exist at Weir Farm today (the home of American Impressionist J. Alden Weir):  the National Park Service, who maintains the grounds and the Weir Farm Art Center, in charge of programs ongoing there.  This relationship has existed since 1990.


The new name and mission of Weir Farm Art Center will bring changes:

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