JANUARY 27, 2006



Blessed once again with Inaam Baz – our only visitor.  Members in attendance included (I think, I’m doing this, and in fact this entire Drummer, from memory) Barksdale, Barlow, Boucher, Boyle, Burnham, DiGiorgio, Dulberg, Gilmartin, Glass, Hafter, Kent, Kish, Lavin, Leeds, Lemke, Mercado, Mills, Murena, Overland, Russo, Spencer, White.  Soory if I missed anyone. A small, congenial group which missed the rest of you.


Announcements:  We have an envelope stuffing party at Richard’s office on Monday, January 30 at 5:00 P.M.  Dues are due.  Bill reports that Dani is in the Senior Show, and will be applying to schools in the UC – Skidmore, Smith and one of those directional universities – Northwestern or Northeastern, and one other.  She will be going to Hartford on February 5th as our representative’s guest – perhaps a photo op with the Governor?  Frank reported on learning a lot at PETS.  Ray reported that the Chamber golf outing this year is at the Connecticut Golf Club in Easton – a very fine golf course for those who need the challenge.  Kathy reported that there will be another sort of golf outing at the Library on the 3rd – but only for the lesser halfs.   Pat reported on the Katrina relief efforts co-ordinated with the Danbury Club.  (The Wilton Congregational Church has another group going to Gulfport in November – we’d be happy to have Rotarians join us.)


Ron Barlow’s grandchild has applied to St. Lawrence


PROGRAM – Our speaker was Lester Colodny – the mentor of Woody Allen (Alan Klingsberger to his childhood acquaintances) – who bewailed the lack of humor in today’s world. Nothing is funny any more – or at least as funny as it used to be.  We are all too busy.  But if we do want to laugh, there is a play he is directing, showing at the Westport Playhouse over the next three weekends …  First time Lester’s laughed out loud in years – and he knows the jokes!



See you Friday                                                             Paul