February 10, 2006


John wanted to make sure and say Happy Valentine’s Day to all the “girl” members and we each got a flower---thanks, John.


Paul spoke about his trip to Hartford, to the Capitol, to see Toni Boucher with Dani our exchange student.  They went last Wednesday and had a great time—think Paul may have even had a better time than Dani!!  He said Toni was very gracious and even got his name right for the first time in many years and they got to meet with the Governor and lots of pictures.  He will bring pictures for us to see in the near future.


Thanks again to Stephanie for continuing the Jr. Achievement program at Our Lady of Fatima—the kids and teacher really seem to enjoy the program.  Good job, Stephanie.


Board meeting on Wed. Feb 15 at Richard’s office.


As a last minute speaker, Karen brought John Kozlowski, whose wife is the producer of many of the student shows in Wilton—middle school and high school.  John’s children are all actors…or at least staving artists.  Dani, our exchange student, is in the current production, BAT BOY, at the high school and doing well. John spoke of the history of the theatre in the Wilton school system and how supportive the community has been.  The new theatre at the High School is a great improvement from past years and he hopes the arts will continue to be a part of the schools.