The Wilton Rotary Club Drummer

March 3, 2006




Joanne Logiorado of Dancing on Grapes.

Joanne gave us a little background on her former career in NYC as a pharmaceutical sales representative.  Her entertaining occasions allowed her to come into contact with different wines and that created a real interest for her.  She is WSET wine certified (via Norwalk CC) with her intermediate certification.  She began her business in November 2004 and it focuses on the less expert wine aficionado.  She offers her services putting on wine tastings for house parties as well as corporate events.  She offered her excellent working knowledge of grape varietals as well as growing regions although she made the incorrect observation that the renowned Cheval Blanc (that’s White Horse folks) noted in the movie ‘Sideways’ is a Merlot (notably vilified by Paul Giamatti’s character) and it is actually a blend (as are nearly all French Wines) of Cabernet Franc (50%) and Merlot (50%).   Joanne also offered a very nice list of available and affordable wines (that being under $ 20.00) that you can rely on for good value. 

Charles noted that an actual wine tasting today would have been a nice touch to her program.  And Jay nominated Joanne for membership. 

Have a good week.  See you next Friday at the Silvermine. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Mark Kolier