March 24, 2006


We had a couple of guests, Tom Corbow from the Norwalk Club and Doug McCallum Nursing & Home Care who was a Cos Cob Rotarian and may join us.

Frank spoke passionately of his time at PETS in Nashua NH--an uplifting and positive experience with over 300 Rotarians.

District Assembly is 4/6 and 4 members will be attending--if you wish to attend, email John.

Board meeting went well and the expenses worked out well for this year. See John or Leah if questions.

Thx again to Ed for the website and I see that he has password protected--see your email from him.

Rose sale is scheduled for June 16--mark your calendar and no meeting that day, just get and deliver your roses.

Carnival is scheduled for Sept. 8-10---mark you calendar

Craft Fair doing well--40% of booths sold and about $2000 in ads sold.

Speaker was Bill Brennan, First Selectman from Wilton. Bill spoke about 3 general topics: Projects, public safety and the budget. Of course the big project thru Wilton is the CL&P electric and the proposed widening of RT 7. We have all seen the electric work and should see some widening work by the Fall...maybe as there have been 7 delays already. Interesting note that the wires underground are held together with DUCT tape--not really but by some kind of tape---guess it will be easy and cheap to fix!! Other projects on the horizon would be the possible renovations at Landmark and the renovations at Comstock. Public safety is an ongoing concern and there will be a bio-terrorism exercise with Westport and Weston on April 19. The emergency management team is also working on a mailing to the community to update emergency contact info. Look for that in the near future. The budget of course is an issue and Bill would like to focus on maintenance issues--especially aging equipment, and increases in energy. He is hopeful that the mil rate would only go up 5%. He took some questions about resurfacing RT 7--maybe when the asphalt plants reopen and cell service--he thinks that may get better with some new "towers"


see you next week