Wilton Rotary Drummer


March 31, 2006                                                              Vol. 25, No. 37

Editor:  Bill Glass





  1. District Awards:      President John distributed copies of the materials he submitted to the District Governor in support of the Club’s nomination for several District awards.  Under John’s able leadership, we have accomplished a great deal this year and hopefully these achievements will be recognized at the District level.
  2. Arts and Crafts Update:  We have “sold” over $2200 in ads for the booklet.  Ray DiGiorgio is coordinating the procurement of items for the Silent Auction, and plans to enlist several members to make calls on businesses around town asking for donations. All new (less than 1 year) members are especially encouraged to participate.
  3. Rotary Foundation:  Please consider becoming a Paul Harris Fellow Sustaining member.  Sign up now to benefit both the Rotary Foundation and the Club.  Pledge to donate at least $100 per year leading up to a total contribution of $1000.   See John for more details.
  4. Exchange Student Progress Report: Our wonderful exchange student from Ecuador, Dani, has been accepted to Smith College in Northampton, Mass. We share in the excitement of this momentous achievement and are giving her all the support she needs as she finalizes her decision on future education plans.  At the moment, Dani plans to return home to Ecuador on June 3rd, and will visit the Club on June 2nd for a farewell lunch.




Lisa Colvin, a family/group counselor at Hall-Brooke Behavioral Health Services in Westport, spoke to us about “How to Find and Keep Your Balance.” Balance is defined as a “stable mental or phsycological state.”   Stressors that can affect balance are work, raising children, and financial stress.  Balance can be achieved and maintained by learning time management skills; setting clear boundaries, changing perception of leisure; and developing high self-esteem.


See you next Friday at the Silvermine ……………………………………… Bill