Wilton Rotary Drummer                                              April 7, 2006


Produced by: Stephanie R. Barksdale on behalf of Andrew Mais


In Attendance: 24 (including 3 guests)


Guest: David Dickinson of True Vine Embroidery, who Karen Strickland will personally keep in business for the rest of his life!




President John Lemke said he attended the district conference yesterday, April 6th, with Inaam Baz, Pat Russo, and Ray DiGiorgio, all of whom learned a great deal about Rotary.


Richard Kent, Craft Fair Guru, said Ray DiGiorgio has agreed to spearhead the silent auction prize gathering and has set aside a Saturday in April (I believe) to work on this project – all Rotarians are invited to help Ray and should contact him directly.


Bob Mills said the Rose Sale is set for June 16th with more information to follow.


Next Friday is Good Friday (April 14th) and so there is no meeting. However, the following Friday, April 21st, Nancy Wyman, CT State Comptroller will be the guest speaker which gives me this great opportunity to get on my soapbox and complain about the attendance at clubs – 24 people in attendance is about ˝ the club. It is sometimes impossible to get decent speakers when club attendance is so light, and it is often embarrassing to me personally when a decent speaker is booked and there are 15 or 20 people in the audience. Where are all you Rotarians? I would like to see 40 people in the audience (at a minimum) when a speaker of the stature of Nancy Wyman comes down from Hartford to address her constituents – can we do it?


Fun and Fines:


Karen Strickland was happy to be going to visit her daughter Carrie next week in Oregon for Easter.  Larry Schloss was most happy that his son made Phi Beta Kappa.  Leah Mattoni said her brother has graduated from Norwich University with an architectural degree but now is looking for an architectural job. Bill Glass is pleased the Red Sox are one game up on the Yankees but was not pleased with the linens at today’s table.  John Lemke’s daughter passed her series 7 (but he didn’t share by how much!). Paul Hannah, a guest speaker and visiting Kiwanian, was pleased that he did not have to wear his suit. Don Grunewald believes the Brooklyn Dodgers will return. And Ron Barlow’s granddaughter will not attend St. Lawrence but will attend Colby – I’m sure somebody would have a snide comment to make about that!




Steve Hudspeth, Member at large for the Wilton Underage Drinking Taskforce, thanked Rotary for all it does in Wilton and the World!  He mentioned that the co-chair of the WUDT is R.J. Chambers who is the President of the Wilton High School Student Body. The other co-chair is Colleen Fawcet. The WUDT is currently proposing an ordinance which would make it a crime for kids to drink in Wilton, even on private property. Right now, it is a felony for an adult to serve kids under 21 (not your own kids, however) any alcohol. However, if kids are drinking at private parties with no adult present, there is nothing the police can legally do to prevent it. The message is that the adults in Wilton do not care about kids.  This ordinance would make it a “ticketable” offense if a teenager is caught drinking at a party. There is a fine imposed - $99 (legal limit) and the parents are notified (which is scary to most kids).  However, it is the WUDT’s belief that this will not damage a kids future in terms of college applications, etc. They do have to report felonies but this would be like getting a speeding ticket. There are 40 other towns that have this ordinance including Ridgefield which did see a drop in underage drinking parties though the taskforce believes several of those parties simply moved to Wilton where this ordinance does not exist.


Paul Hannah, former First Selectman, did mention that this ordinance has passed the police commission with 100% endorsement.


See you on April 21st at Silvermine, please bring a friend so we can fill the audience!




Upcoming speaker schedule and available dates (however, please notify me if you intend to take a date and fill it with a speaker so we don’t double book!):



April 21, 2006


Nancy Wyman



















April 28, 2006


Nancy Faesy







Land Trust - Open Space Comm.












May 5, 2006


Dr. Gary Richards







Superintendent of Schools



















May 12, 2006





















May 19, 2006

















May 26, 2006





















June 2, 2006





















June 9, 2006





















June 16, 2006


No meeting - rose sale day