Wilton Rotary Drummer

Wilton, Connecticut





April 28,2006                                                     Vol. XXIII, No. XL


Editor:  Paul H. Burnham



Guests/Visiting Rotarians (Include if any)   Christian Brootz – member of the Armonk Club and guest of John Lemke, Dani Jaramillo, youth exchange, Andrea Barron, Patriot Bank manager, Southport office, guest of Wendy Macedo.






1.  June 2, 2006 – meeting – farewell to Dani planned; Dani was leaving the meeting with Pam to go to Camp Jewell for a get together with all the exchange students in the District.


2.  District Governor nominee for 2008-2009 is Rick Benson – congrats to Rick;


3.       Pam signed up a whole bunch of new Paul Harris sustaining members simply by asking. 


4.    Trust you did not forget to bring all your no longer usable computer equipment to the High School on April 29 for recycling.


5.   Karen announced that we have an applicant for a World Peace Scholarship – Alllisandra Calvo Freeman.


6.          Chamber News – They have enough golfers for the 22nd shindig, but there are still sponsorship opportunities.  There is a Chamber team being put together for Relay for Life.


7.          Ray was unable to pick up much enthusiasm for the silent auction drive in the rain last Saturday.  Richard hopes that club members show more support next time.


8.    Next week is Cinqo de Mayo, and Frank will be presiding – John’s at the District Conference.  All should come suitably attired.




Pat Sesto presented on the Town’s proposed purchase of the development rights to the Offinger Farm on Chestnut Hill Road.  Mary and Adrian are good friends of mine with a beautiful tract of land quite visible from the highway – although not all of us travel regularly in that part of town.  Evidently the deal is that they will retain the rights to the three acre site on which their home sits, but any future owner of the fifteen acre farm site will be unable to use it for any purposes other than approximately those it is currently being used for.  The property has been in the Offinger family since 1929 and there are no current plans to sell – but this is a wise estate planning move for the family, as well as assurance that the land they have loved for the better part of a century will remain as it has been since Adrian’s childhood and therebefore.


The mathematics that has been employed in the past to demonstrate that buying such an easement saves the Town money in the long run is fatally flawed. (It presumes that fifteen more children added to the existing population would cause the Board of Education’s budget to rise by the per pupil cost figured without these additional children times fifteen, which is simply not the case.)  This is not, then, a reason to vote in favor of the proposal. However, most of us would agree that a working farm is more beautiful than a housing development, and many of us, not all by any means, would be inclined to support the proposal on that basis.


Those of you who are Wilton voters will have the chance to state your opinions on this point and other budgetary matters at the Town Meeting, which starts at 7:30 on 5/2/06 at the Clune Auditorium at the High School, and/or by voting thereafter or on Saturday.  Please take the time to do so.


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See you next Friday at the Silvermine …………………………………(Paul)