The Wilton Rotary Club Drummer

June 9, 2006 – Issue 46



·         No guests – President’s John’s last meeting.  He did a good job not appearing too gleeful. 

·         New member cocktail party June 12th 5:30 at the Silvermine upstairs

·         Bluefish game June 14th – 20 have signed up.  Speak to Wendy Macedo or John Lemke if you are interested in attending.

·         Rose sale June 16th - please get your orders into Bob Mills by Wednesday June 14.  Pick up roses at Village Market (in the back) between 11:45 and 1:30

·         INSTALLATION DINNER – June 20th at Shore and Country.  Come and join us to congratulate John for a great year and to welcome Frank as our new fearless leader

·         June 24th - Work party at house on Mountain Road.  Should take the better part of the morning if we get enough people.  Speak to Chris Lavin or John Lemke




Serge Gabriel from Greenwich

Bill Glass introduced Serge who talked to us about the War of Independence, the W3R (Rochambeau Revolutionary Route) and the Battle of Yorktown (1781).  Serge stressed the importance of the contribution of the French in general, General Rochambeau (without whose help America might never have achieved its independence) and the French King Louis XIV.  Serge detailed that Lafayette who is the better remembered Frenchman with regard to the Revolution has a more lasting reputation due to his being so young at the time of the American Revolution and the fact that he returned to the U.S.A. in 1824 to great fanfare and recognition.      

Have a good week.  Sell those Roses and see you on the 20th at Shore and Country! 

Respectfully Submitted,

Mark Kolier